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Meet the Nerdy Chick

Joy Slaughter


Nerdy Chick Master Coach

Favorite Fandoms:

Harry Potter, Disney, Firefly,

Prydain Chronicles,

Bronte Sisters, and Hedgehogs. 

Can we make those fandoms?

Hey there!

I live and breathe

stress relief. 

Have you ever hit rock bottom?

It’s a dark, miserable, terrible place. 


Can I tell you my story?

After I had my seventh child, I weighed 245 pounds. I could barely walk. I hated my body. 

Hold up.

That wasn’t rock bottom.

I did the hard work. I was devoted. I ate less and exercised more. I lost over 100 pounds! 

Hold up.

That wasn’t the mountain top, either.

Over the next eight years, even though I was at a so-called "normal" weight, I was still stressed. I still hated my body. I felt defeated and angry. I had done what society dictated—I had lost weight! I was supposed to be happy! Care free! Zero stress! Right?

Life doesn’t work that way.


To add to my stress, I worked on an ambulance. I homeschooled my seven children. And we are all familiar with the stresses of modern life, climate change, and politics.

My stress level was off the charts.  

Can you relate?

Between the body image issues, work stress, homeschool stress, I hit the great, big wall of burnout and empathy fatigue. I started making really stupid choices. My marriage was on the rocks. Everything sucked.


That was the bottom.

But it gets better.

I built a team of professionals to help move me in the right direction. I set out to find answers to my questions and relief from my pain. I went back to school, earned another degree, got some coaching certifications and work experience in functional medicine and corporate wellness. I learned the secrets to balancing stress relief and long-term health improvement. 

But most importantly?

I learned that our bodies, our weight, our health, our productivity, our education, and even our choices have nothing to do with our worth as human beings.


We are worthy of love no matter what.

Calm your stress...or don't.

Lose weight...or don't.

Get healthy...or don't.

Cosplay that character...or don't.

Go to school...or don't.

Get your work done...or don't.

You are still worthy of love.


I wish I had known that then.

And now I help other nerdy chicks soothe their stress—fun-loving, geeky chicks just like you! My clients find relief from their stress and make changes in their lives to support their stress relief. They move forward into empowered lives and reach their goals and dreams. 

Are you sick of stress? 

I get it.

Now let's work together.

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Fancy Credentials

Bachelor of Science, Psychology, Summa Cum Laude


​​​​​​​Bachelor of Science, Public Health


Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (National Registry)


​​​​​​​Certified Health Coach (ACE)


Behavior Change Specialist (ACE)


Weight Management Specialist (ACE)


Compassion Fatigue Educator (Traumatology Institute)​​​​​​​

What People Are Saying

"Joy is awesome! She knows how to ask the right questions."




"Joy's a good listener. She provides solutions."



"Thank you for your words. Believe me when I say it really did help."



"Joy does not mince words or sugar coat things, which I need. That said, she is not overbearing or pushy. She knows she cannot force change—it has to come from me."





"Joy is a really amazing listener. She takes time to get to know you and understand you and uses her training and life experiences to really connect."



"I have really enjoyed my sessions with Joy. She listens to what I have to say and doesn’t feel sorry for me or cut me short. She then gives me very helpful ideas on things to try to help me deal with different situations. I look forward to our talks each week."



Your stress is killer.

Let's do something about it!

Joy is ready to help!